About Me

I am faculty director of the Center for Research, Evaluation, and Assessment, and an associate professor of educational policy and leadership at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. I graduated with my PhD in urban education policy from the University of Southern California (USC) and also hold master’s degrees in sociology and economics from Brigham Young University and USC, respectively. My research focuses on the consequences of local and state education policy change for educational governance with a substantive focus on teacher labor policy, teachers’ unions, and the micro politics of policy decision-making and implementation.

Recent Publications

Marianno, B. D., Woo, D. S., & Kennedy, K. (2023). Collective Bargaining Agreement Restrictiveness in Unionized Charter Schools. Educational Policy.

Marianno, B.D., Hemphill, A., Paula-Santos, A., Garcia, L., Cooper, D., & Coombes, E. (2022). Power in a Pandemic: Teachers’ Unions and their Response to School ReopeningAERA Open

Marianno, B.D., Jacobsen, R., Lyon, M.A., & Hemphill, A. (2022). Teacher Political Candidacy and the Gender Composition of State LegislaturesTeachers College Record, 124(2): 3-32.

Strunk, K.O., Goldhaber, D., Cowen, J., Marianno, B.D., Kilbride, T., & Theobald, R. (2022). Public School Teacher Contracts and State-Level Reforms: Assessing Changes to the Restrictiveness of Collective Bargaining Agreements across Three StatesAmerican Educational Research Journal, 59(3):538-573.

Marianno, B.D. (2021). A Negotiated Disadvantage? California Collective Bargaining Agreements and Within-District Student Achievement GapsEducational Researcher. 50(7), 451-462. 

Hemphill, A., & Marianno, B.D. (2021). Teachers’ Unions, Collective Bargaining, and the Response to COVID-19Education Finance & Policy, 16(1):170-182.

Marianno, B.D., Bruno, P., Strunk, K.O. (2021). The Effect of Teachers’ Union Contracts on School District Efficiency: Longitudinal Evidence from California School DistrictsSAGE Open.

Marianno, B.D. (2020). Compared to What?: Changes in Interest Group Resources and the Proposal and Adoption of State Teacher Policy. Policy Studies Journal. 48(4): 982-1022. 

Strunk, K.O., Marianno, B.D. (2019). Negotiating the Great Recession: How Teacher Collective Bargaining Agreements Change in Times of Financial Duress. AERA Open. 

Marianno, B.D., Strunk, K.O. (2018). The Bad End of the Bargain?: Revisiting the Relationship between Collective Bargaining Agreements and Student AchievementEconomics of Education Review, 65, 93-106.

Marianno, B.D., Strunk, K.O.(2018). After Janus: A New Era of Teachers’ Union ActivismEducation Next18(4): 18-25.

Marianno, B.D. (2018). Down but Not Out: The National Education Association in Federal PoliticsEducational Policy, 32(2), 234-254.

Marianno, B.D, Kilbride, T., Theobald, R., Strunk, K.O., Cowen, J., & Goldhaber, D. (2018). Cut from the Same Cloth? Comparing Urban District CBAs Within States and Across the U.SEducational Policy, 32(2), 334-359.

Strunk, K.O., Cowen, J., Goldhaber, D., Marianno, B.D, Kilbride, T., & Theobald, R.(2018). It’s in the Contract: How the Policies Set in Teachers’ Unions Collective Bargaining Agreements Vary Across States and Districts. Educational Policy, 32(2), 280-312.


Email: brad.marianno@unlv.edu

Phone: 702-895-2895

Selected Media


Highlighting what is sure to be a productive year, Panel Moderator & College of Education Assistant Professor Brad Marianno discusses Nevada Education Committee Members priorities and focus for the upcoming legislative session.

Future of Teachers’ Unions in Question

November 27, 2018 Visiting scholar Bradley Marianno expounded on the effect of the Janus case on teachers’ unions